What We Do

MYeCFO is a comprehensive financial advisor offering extensive wealth management and fractional CFO services. Tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives seeking strategic financial leadership.


We help clients design, build, and monitor complex investment portfolios.

Tax Strategy

We help clients understand and manage tax exposures.

Wealth Management

We help clients manage, grow, and protect wealth.

Fractional CFO Services

We provide strategic financial guidance to start-ups.


How We Work

Each of our clients is unique and requires a highly customized suite of solutions. Our engagements involve a deep understanding of client needs and alignment of recommendations with client goals, priorities, and risk tolerances. A summarized view of our process is provided on the right.

We work with clients to understand their unique needs and circumstances.

Sample Activities

  • Gather quantitative & qualitative data
  • Build a detailed balance sheet & income statement
  • Analyze liquid and illiquid investment holdings
  • Understand constraints, such as risk tolerance, time horizon, and liquidity needs
  • Define short-term and long-term priorities

We design a comprehensive investment program and help draft specific projects to pursue.

Sample Activities

  • Design portfolio for short-term needs (e.g. house down payment)
  • Design portfolio for long-term needs (e.g. retirement, kids' education, etc.)
  • Model illiquid investments alongside liquid ones
  • Build tax forecast for equity based compensation
  • Develop Excel model to help with rent vs. buy decision making

We help clients manage and execute their financial ideas and strategies.

Sample Activities

  • Provide investment recommendations that meet asset allocation decision making
  • Trade the investment portfolio
  • Create dashboards that give a centralized view of all assets and risk exposures
  • Serve as liaison between tax preparer and client
  • Help with family office activities (e.g. business tracking, bill payment, wire transfers, etc.)

We track the effectiveness of the investment program and projects.

Sample Activities

  • Provide quarterly performance reporting and project updates
  • Recommend trades to re-balance or implement tactical opportunities
  • Analyze the portfolio for tax loss harvesting opportunities
  • Recommend changes to the investment program

Our Philosophy

We believe that wealth can be achieved faster when clients minimize investment-related expenses, manage their overall tax liabilities, and institute a comprehensive approach to managing wealth.

Over the long-term, publicly traded markets are efficient. Over the short-term, contrarian opportunities exist

Significant value can be added by continuously integrating tax strategy with investment management

Strategy is important. Execution is critical

Most investment portfolios can be built with low-cost index funds, ETFs, and other passive products

There is universal relationship between risk and reward